As some of you may have know, she came early. We were going to have a C-section next Thursday the 18th. You and I both know when it comes to babies nothing goes as planed. Things happen the God would like them to I find that if you are a smart person, you sit back and enjoy the show. Now here is the skinny on our day.

Priscilla started to have some spotting on Thursday morning. We went in to Dr Donnelly's office and everything was "NORMAL". Call me a guy, but I will never believe blood oozing from the body is "NORMAL". Anyway, Priscilla was having small contractions all day. We were told this was again normal. I went in to work that night,and got a call at 9pm. It was Priscilla and she was pretty frantic. She said that her water had broke. Being the calm man I am, I knew just what to do. I used my best Barry White voice and said "just take it easy baby, Daddy is on the way". I called the hospital and our next door neighbor. Our neighbor, Teresa is a superstar. She went over to comfort Priscilla. I shot straight home. I drove like a professional Formula one driver. I arrived home about 15 minutes later. I found Bill (superstar #2 and Teresa's husband) in the driveway. He had Miranda on one arm, and Isabella on the other.He said he sent the ladies to the hospital and I should go. I made sure they were all set, and then I was off to the hospital. THANK YOU BILL AND TERESA

At the hospital I found Priscilla in a Triage room with Teresa at her side. The nurse double checked the cervix and found it to be about 2 centimeters dilated. Now this is about 9:40pm. Dr Donnelly is still on her way, and Priscilla is starting to scream. Not those often heard screams of "I LOVE TOM WILLIAMS" These were screams of pain. I was using my best material trying to make her laugh, and nothing. Now if I can't get you to laugh one of two things are happening. Either one I am still dressed or two you are in a lot of pain. Anyway I asked the nurse for something to help with the pain. I mean my ears and hands were killing me. Now for all of you guys out there that have not been in the delivery room. DO NOT an I mean DO NOT under no circumstance hold on to you wives hand while she is having a contraction. No matter how much she begs you--do not do it. She will snap your fingers off with out hesitation. SHE DOES NOT CARE! In her eyes THIS IS ALL YOU FAULT! Back to the action. I asked the nurse to help Priscilla with the pain. She said that Dr Donnelly will be here soon and to try the "breathing technique". That to me is a load of you know what. So now we are at about 10 pm. The nurse decides to check the cervix again. This, I am guessing, is a not so nice feeling. (Boys, I would relate this to a bowling ball being dropped three stories on to your crotch.) Anyway She checks the cervix setting Priscilla's alarm off, and walks out the door. I could here the nurses in the hall and it did not sound that good. The door swings open and the SWAT TEAM of the OB ward jumps in. The head nurse yells at Priscilla to stop screaming, and not to push. Within 30 second they change the room into a delivery room. They have a Doctor stand in for Dr Donnelly and now we have 5 woman yelling "PUSH". I guess we went from 2 centimeters to ten and fully effaced in about 5 minutes time. Now Dr Donnelly walks in to a crowd of women just in time to catch the baby. WOW what a thing to watch. We had no clue what the good Lord had in store for us that day.

We are all back at home. Last night Ariana slept from 10pm until 4am, woke up for a snack, and then slept to 8am. I think we are going to keep her. She is the cutest thing ever. I look at her and thing that MY parents are the luckiest people in the world. I mean first they have me. As if that is not enough they have grandkids like these. Holy Smokes I hope some of that is genetic.

With all the "CRAZY" that going on, we were not alone. We had the Lord and thoughts of you, our family and friends. It is the greatest gift to share our lives with you. Without anyone of you I would not smile quite as much. I can not tell you how awesome it is have the prayers and support when you need it. Thank you

Love to all

Thomas, Priscilla,Miranda,Isabella and of course Ariana






Ariana Grace Malayna Williams

Weight7 lbs. 4oz.
DateSeptember 11, 2003
Time10:51 PM