Dear Beautiful, Healthy, Thinking Family

I am indebted to each one for the recent gathering which celebrated my 90 years of Life. From Denver, Colorado, 1922 to Rock Hill, SC, 2001 was a long list of experiences. The final list of the past 67 years have in that room, from our wedding 4-14-34 to 8-11-01.

I just sat all afternoon and watched my life play our in front of me. I will never get over this phenomenal experience. I sat with Chance & Koji discussing religion as a starter. Then moved my chair to the spot where I would "receive" friends and well-wishes all afternoon. My entire family was with me all afternoon to meet & greet our hometown friends. It was chaotic. There were five generations meeting & greeting & remembering & reminding & shrieking & laughing. Right now as I try to relive the day I keep saying "It's unbelievable" 90 years gathered together in one room for one afternoon and it was sort of like a forest. The grounds was full of tiny crawling and very joyful beings. They were organizing & interacting with one another. And next level is those who are asking themselves, Who am I? And above that are those who have taken a direction and progressed down the way, and so on.

Anyway the whole story was right there in front of me and I loved every moment of the performance. It's unbelievable. I's a video tape or a recording: But a happening. How can I say "Thank you". There isn't a word large enough. We are one Gorgeous Family. God has blest us all, each one singularly.

We thank Him every day.

My love

Grandma Peggy